Being me. Fresh out of UNI with a three year bachelor in CS, no work experience. Starts in a big tech company with a lot promise of exciting project etc. Starts in 3 projects with one lead dev and two senior devs.

First month begins. I start by setting up my local environment and read documentations, which is fairly irrelevant and old. One of the senior devs quits.

Second month begins. Lead dev quits as well and the other senior dev having sick leave for the rest of the month. Basically I'm on my own, but thankfully not responsible for the projects.

Third month begins. The other senior dev is still sick. Nobody to help. Now I'm forced to talk to customer with a lacking knowledge of projects. Nobody knows what is going on. Hopefully my other senior dev will come back.

Fourth month begins. My senior have quit as well. I've been assigned as responsible of all three projects now. FML.

Fifth month begins. I begged my manager for help. Got a junior dev to help me with one of the projects. He and I still have no clue what we should do.

What a shitty start to a career as a developer.

Anybody having a similar experience?

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    Even id big tech company like his?

    Now I am doubtful if we really can call this company big tech.

    That's the exact reason why I want to avoid working in small/start-ups. So far I only work in mid level but multinational companies, and most of the devs there stay long for years.
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    I don't think this is typical. Chaos is though.
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    It’s typical like appendicitis is typical. Not everyone goes through that but it’s not super uncommon
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    Have sort of experienced a lot of quitting going on when I join and being handed a ton of responsibility without knowing enough but being expected to, that was my experience at some big financial company atleast (won't call em Fintech cuz they not doing anything groundbreaking), new company not like this, pretty helpful and good and while one senior left plenty of other experienced folk to help, different way to work, so I guess depends on company and team both but can happen for sure, just bad luck and bad management :(
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    Hey friend!

    Maybe there is a reason why they left? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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