Can someone explain to me why non-technical people even work in tech companies ??

I really don't want to sound like an asshole, but can you, for example, imagine that someone who doesn't even know what brick is would work on a construction site ?

Or can you imagine working in bike repair shop not knowing neither how to ride a bike nor how's bike is built ?

Sure, every company (especially large ones) needs bookkeepers/HRs/accountants etc. that don't need to know the inner workings of business.

Those people don't bother me, and they are necessary to keep the circus going.

I'm talking about all those middle management individuals.

All those "Project Managers" , "Business Analysts", "Directors' , "Principal Program Managers " etc etc ..

Such thing thing would be unthinkable in every other industry but somehow, in tech, anyone can work as long as they can throw a sufficient number of acronyms around.

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    Just because of our mistakes and less research, we assign the projects to the silly people who don't have any idea or even experience to handle the projects, as a management person offrom the starting days of the company I always research well but sometimes I hit by the silly person for some small tasks and then after I never believe on the small companies or the silly.
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    "can someone explain....?"

    because there's not enough people who aren't outright idiots as opposed to just dumb
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    > Such thing thing would be unthinkable in every other industry

    What makes you think it's any different in other industries? It's the natural order for large successful organizations to bloat with useless midlevel paper pushers. Bureaucracy for its own sake has been part of life since we came together in cities and has caused the downfall of more than one civilization.
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    @NotJeckel Well, this is going to be anecdotal evidence, but I've worked a number of "blue collar" jobs before IT and in that environment, it would be silly to assume that anyone involved, especially more senior employees, could have zero clue about the job itself. Also my sister is what you would call middle management in the automotive industry (non-IT part of automotive to be precise), and she has a proper technical background (studied mechanical engineering) as well as she is extremely familiar with every and each technicality of their product.

    On the other hand, I have a cloud migration project now and my "project manager" who supervises the whole thing doesn't really know what a virtual machine is ...

    So yeah, I stand by my point that this is mostly an IT thing.
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    Because when I am elbows deep in code, I don’t want to be bothered with project management software, budgets, employee reviews, and having a face to face interaction with clients. Specializations aren’t just for coders.
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    Better yet tell me how people who don’t know how to use a computer (and do not want to learn) use a computer all day long for their job?

    That is the real problem.
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    @stackodev @stackodev I've never said that there should not be any management layer in organization. I simply think that if you want to manage tech project you need tech knowledge to do so.
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