So, I feel wayyy behind the tech curve right now.

The SSD implementations you see online, they're still just a bunch of seperate sort of chaos machines that contain the standard perceptron-like model of a weight, cost, and bias right ? They just kind of inferred their values by training like any other neural network, in its sep-erate parts and just fed pieces of output data generated by other parts of the neural network to it right ?

I mean it implements with pytorch so its basically a really big array of tuples in a sense that are maniupulated in a specific way.

and then CNN's just feed data back into another trained piece of the model right ?

I'm curious because object classification is about the ONLY thing I've seen work even close to properly lol

there is just so much fraud these days. sigh.
and so many lamentable tech choices and attempts... like node lol

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