Being a developer for 6+ years in many different stacks, and moving up to a kinda lead level position, has made me feel like I’m not working as much as I was doing before.

Yeah I do code reviews, meetings, tech documentations and peer coding sessions, but still doesn’t give me the feel like I did the work I was supposed to do.

Anyone ever felt this and any tips to overcome?

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    Ask yourself what u want.
    Which stack u desired to work with
    Which responsibilities / main roles u wished to fulfill

    Shrugs. I have quite clear goals which type of tasks / responsibilities I wish to have
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    Why not just assign some development tasks to your self and create more time for coding? I mean, you can even reject some less important meetings. Our team lead does this mostly with tasks that has no deadline.
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    I'm a manager myself and I almost always get myself involved in certain projects I know I'll enjoy. That's the beauty of it: you get to pick what projects or parts of a project are interesting to you and do not have to deal with being given a lemon or crappy assignment.
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    Not sure if this will help you but I have to make crazy shit at least every 90 days, I mean something that is so fucked up cool people are like "how the fuck did you build that"

    Think of something that is so far outside the normal "my day" now think of what you would really love to build? Go build it. At my latest job we got the boss to agree to let us spend at least 20% of our work schedule doing "fuckery".

    Now fuckery is doing something anything I think is fun, cool and has almost no business application at first but usually we find new ways to get data, scrape shit or automate tasks. My boss, I automated his weekly reports with python, we automated work for the accounting team and building a tool for the analytics people.
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