I quit and my last day is next week.

Apparently management has decided that I should spend my last day implementing a new feature for a customer where I have been the only developer, and release it to production (without first implementing it in test) the same day. A feature that potentially could cripple a whole workflow if done wrong.

Of course I advised not to release untested code to production on a friday, just before the only person that knows how it works leaves the company. But no, “the customer reaaaaaally wants it before summer, so just be careful not to write any bugs”.

I’m not saying that I’m intentionally gonna write bad code - but if I do, I’m not gonna pick up the phone when it calls.

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    Sounds like someone wants you to stay out of responsibilities.
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    Right before you leave send an email stating you are available for consult work.

    Your rate is 3x whatever your hourly rate was and by simply contacting you about anything you will consider an engagement of the contract and will bill according.
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    Push crapton of bugs into production and let it explode.
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    "just be careful not to write any bugs"

    Well some dumbfucks only learn from their own mistakes bonking them into another dimension.

    I say write the code and enjoy the fireworks if something goes wrong.
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    I would just write it and refuse to push it to production. Sometimes you've got to be professional when others aren't.
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    Sounds to me like you will only have time to write half the code required before you leave.

    After all, they can't sack you after you left for not finishing in time. :-)

    Since coding is an art more than a science, no one can predict how long it will take to write X and Y.

    After all, you don't want to rush it and not have time to iron out those bugs.

    Perhaps you could focus on some key elements of the design, that you could finish in time, such as the front end only, so at least folk have something pretty to look at, with just a dummy backend to hold things together.

    Remember to leave a note mentioning which bits still need coding by your replacement.
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    if you do it intentionally it's a feature ✨✨
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    I hope you aren't ill on your last day and can't go into work.
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    This can't be real.. Can it...?

    Please someone tell me people aren't THAT stupid....
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    If they weren't to blame the leaving employee for a production systems crash.
    @martengooz !!
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    "Hurr durr!
    The key account developer was so bad, we had to let him go.
    Here, instead, have our other super hero developer."
    Now shut up and pay our bills.
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    @scor I’m pretty sure that exactly the scam they are gonna pull.
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    @katbreitin best answer ever. It's your time that matters, not the customer's
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    Hmm bad time to add that monero mining library into the frontend code isn’t hahaha

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    I would not deliver or deploy. If the changes cause some kind of trouble, then that could damage your reputation.
    In any case, leave proof of any action you do, so that they can’t accuse you of sabotage
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    @rov3rand0m I remember an ex of mine had that issue once, they asked someone in another department for price information on a product via a telephone call, and they gave an incorrect figure.

    This error cost the company a lot since everyone and their dog wanted said product at the low price in the advert..

    It took several days before anyone noticed it was advertised below cost price !

    Now, if only that information has been sent in an email..

    At that moment, said person went on holiday for 2 weeks !

    But my ex got the blame, because they believed the other person more.
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    Reminds me of a place I left, and a couple of weeks later someone I knew from there emailed me to ask if I'd sabotaged the place !

    No, I said, the reason why everything has ground to a halt practically is because I'm not there to fix everything !

    I left the place in tip top condition with everything functional.

    Kinda like when I left an ex and made sure the I fixed the washing machine on the same day.
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    @martengooz pick up the phone. Just remember your consultant fee is triple what they paid you
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    For anyone wondering, I haven’t gotten a call yet. So I guess I write bug free code 🤓
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