Can i get success if i worship the devil?

Because for example if i need a car and if i pray to God to have a car, that would be pointless because God doesnt work that way. God wants you to take action so you can have the car. So instead maybe i could rob someone and steal the car and then pray to God for forgiveness because that's how God works?

But since thats illegal and i might get in jail i was thinking to worship satan because you know how most successful people and celebrities sell their soul to satan in exchange for success? I was thinking maybe something similar, not sell my soul but just worship the evil until i finally graduate this shitty disgusting college after 6 painful years and finally start 100% focusing to code on projects i enjoy?

What would be the consequences if i worship evil?

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    God’s dead in case you hadn’t caught the news.

    That said, devil worship is always worth it 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    There is nothing wrong with working for Meta if you really want to. But i surely wouldn't worship them...
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    Also I have heard from a reliable source that Thursday is the best day to worship Satan. So tomorrow is a good day wake up and go ”Ave Satanas!”
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    The consequences will be you will never feel your success is your own. In other words, eternal imposter syndrome.
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    "you know how most successful people and celebrities sell their soul to the devil in exchange for success?"

    Weirdest thing I heard anyone say for a while.
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    Worshipping the devil has brought us Heavy Metal. So, if that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right!
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