y'know, if your coworkers annoy the shit out of you, sometimes it's worth looking at how the company is treating them.

a lot of what i have to deal with spans from an environment that demands speed at the expense of quality and won't reward developers for their effort, cause they simply don't understand the effort it takes. we have a tiny team responsible for a nation wide program, and people are just shocked when they hear this, because the work we do is in fact amazing for a group of 5. everyone is just tired, overworked and badly recompensed for it. this shit will hit the fan pretty soon

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    I noticed this at the beginning of 2020. Products that used to have release cycles once a month began having them twice a week.

    This is still ongoing, to the point that you know the rivets are about to pop and the whole machine is going to explode.

    I give it three more months.
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    People actually think that programmers job are easy, because they sit in front of their computer all day.

    Don't get frustrated, you are offering service one 5 can give
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    A lot of developers are also bad planners, somewhat introverted, and desperate to please.

    A sales manager screams "We MUST have an export button here" and regardless of the length of the backlog or existing priorities, at least one developer will whisper "It's probably not that hard to build, it would only take a few minutes".

    The rest of the company loves exploiting the passion that most developers feel for their craft.

    That's why good scrum masters are a must.
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    @bittersweet That's why good a tech lead / manager (or scrum master) is worth their weight in gold (figuratively speaking), as they should shield the dev team from such bullshit and stand up for dev interests within the company.

    While sales is (almost always) necessary, a company that's lead by sales usually doesn't provide a good engineering environment and often leads to gold painted over the cracks in the foundation.
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