>Adds new feature
>New feature works fine on dev
>New feature works fine on staging
>New feature doesn't work on live
>You can't easily figure out what is wrong because you need to wait an hour for it each time :|

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    my condolences
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    Don't know if it helps, and it's in no way elegant, but I have been known to echo variables to the screen conditional upon the user having my own particular IP.
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    @spongegeoff Well, the main issue was that a cron should run every hour but somehow, it didn't in live (even though the code used for it is known to work) :|
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    @FinlayDaG33k Ah, I'd be calling my ISP at that point! For me, server mysteries are a great job for someone else. Dunno, maybe try running a simple job more frequently? Good luck, anyhow.
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    @spongegeoff I am the ISP in this case D:

    It runs on a server that I physically own :p

    I did manage to fix it but it's still weird that it happened.
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