Got a CV Today and the guy literally listed one of his skills as 'Googling'

We're interviewing him

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    if he knows how to teach himself and is motivated to research himself he is a keeper
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    There is a better phrase for it but it is a very good skill to have. If you can take an error message and find out what a solution is based on other people working through it, you'll save a lot of time. It's being able to identify that people are asking about the same problem that is the hard part.
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    Like others said, think of Googling as speaking the English language

    It gets you connected to a lot of Developers online passively
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    It's no worse than writing Microsoft Word. It's a basic skill that is automatically expected if they have any experience.
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    It actually is a surprisingly underrated skill. Most people don't really know how to research stuff on the internet. If you know how to do that you almost never have to ask and wait for an answer. So it is a pretty nice skill to have.
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    Somebody who knows that's a good thing to put on a CV has earned that much.

    Assuming the rest of CV is fine of course.
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    hopefully he means it in a jokey way. as in, knows how to, considers it a basic skill not worth mentioning, but has seen enough inept people to realize that, sadly, it IS worth mentioning.
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    Utilizing search engine properly is a skill. Even if he would know just a few basic operators.

    Lets face it - if you encounter an obscure error, you don't deep dive into all subcomponents and reverse engineer them to see what needs to be fixed. You open a search engine to see if anybody faced the same problem before. The same goes for initial reconnaissance when you're learning new topics.

    Doing so efectivelly gives you a leverage over those who can't do the same.
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    @qwwerty how to utilise search engine effectively:
    1. don't treat it like a person that answers question you ask. treat it like a machine that gives you existing documents containing words/phrases you input.

    2. that's all

    i mean yes, it's still a "skill" that deppressingly many people lack, but i honestly believe that's the only rule for effective use of search engines.
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    So did he get the job?
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    He worked at teh googles
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    googling itself is not enough, its googling comprehension what matters
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    a basic and underestimated skill in deed
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