Yo, Copilot moving to a paid model?

They were smart, let us use it for free for a while then grow a dependence and BAM, need to pay.

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    With recent Telegram update, they did the similar thing, put bunch of features behind the pay wall.

    I don't think it's smart, but rather a regular (no brainer) business decision.

    They never said it was free forever, and they too have to make money.

    With co-pilot, what sucks is that they used open source to build/train their model and now monetising it.
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    Paying for copilot is like paying Satya Nadella to take a fat shit on my chest.

    No thanks, I don't like Satya Nadella and I don't want his shit.
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    I’ve still never used it.

    If copilot has a trial or something, I’ll give it a try. I’m curious.

    Honestly though, Sublime recommending me things I’ve typed before in a similar context is amazing — and probably all that I want anyway?
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    @Root they have a 60 day trial right now. It comes in handy every now and then say for sorting or destructuring, it's quite intelligent
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    free for students and open-source, it says.

    Makes sense, if you're an employee and your company is using someone's else code for commercial purposes, better pay something to avoid possible lawsuit.

    It's still affordable as Microsoft has a $10 billion investment in OpenAI.
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    @theabbie That's just so that MS can replace Cortana with Clippy 2.0 at some point.
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    @Frederick Like SO copy/paste without even realising it. Fuckup 2.0.
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    There's also similar service called Tabnine
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    @Floydimus @sariel @Root @lopu @theabbie @Fast-Nop @Frederick @Fast-Nop @Frederick @Frederick @Pogromist

    Guys it’s FREE for the people who contribute in open source!

    So if you are contributing to open source projects, you can apply for free license 😎
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    @Frederick future of humanity, especially with tech, never looked bright my lad.
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    @Frederick majority of tech applications are for unethical use, because corporate greed.
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