It's funny to consider that my previous rant (https://devrant.com/rants/4510906/...) before I stopped checking this platform as regularly was about what the perfect job would look like to me

Because I just landed it today, people!

Signed with a very chill, medium sized, local dev company that appreciates me as much as I do appreciate them. Starting next month I won't be just a random intern (although they never treated me as such anyway) anymore but a professional developer, with even a slightly more important pay than what you (at least I)'d expect for a junior

Adios annoying courses and mediocre marks, now the fun begins!

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    Waiting for new rants!
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    I give him 2 months before he comes back ranting. What do you think, gang?
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    @netikras If its startup it will be sooner.
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    The ranting never ends. Now it's stupid PMs and shitty senior devs. As senior dev, it's stupid PMs and shitty junior devs. As pensioner, it's various pains and stupid docs. In the old people's home, it's shitty nurses.

    Even when you're dead, you will still rant about lazy undertakers who don't bother to go the full six feet deep.
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy I wonder if I'll have anything worthy of a rant but regardless of the apparent global good impressions, I know for sure that I'll have things to complain about…


    Was sent to a client (yeah, during my internship) to help maintain a mobile app, and oh boy. Now I know what the output of a one-man team firefighter dev who himself has to maintain an existing codebase relying on a weird-ass homecooked design pattern looks like. And I'm still in the team when I'll start
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    @Fast-Nop My only complaint about an undertaker will be one that goes 6 inches deep.
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    @Demolishun Don't worry, I don't hate myself enough to ever think about working for one
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    @Demolishun That'll better be a quick rant before the means of ranting aren't there anymore. :)
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    @Demolishun why startups so bad? Nor clear boundaries, shitty standards and no structure?
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy hectic and uncertain. System is not established sometimes. Companies are systems. Once the system works they run better.
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    FYI that last rant was exactly 333 days ago. There more you know.

    But seriously. Have fun. Sounds like it could be a great place.
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    @Fast-Nop "even when you hit rock bottom, an asshole throws you a shovel"
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    Congratulations and my condolences
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