I can't be the only one who zooms into random pictures on the internet containing a monitor(with an IDE open) in the background to see what language they're using and whether it's a legit snippet of code.

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    true, I also love to look at their browser to find a funny bookmark
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    Or freeze TV programs to see how bs the "code" they're showing is
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    Nope, you're not. Welcome to the "media code bullshit detectors club"
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    last time this happened to me was pausing let's play of Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe in one of the rooms where there's two monitors with obvious real life programs opened up to confirm that yup, one of them is FL Studio, cool!
    (assuming with a piece of the game's music opened).

    the other i don't remember for sure to be honest but i think it was Visual Studio, assuming again, with the game's code.

    sadly the textures were too low-res to actually read the code.

    but yeah, i do that.
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    @Midnight-shcode throw the game into IDA or ghidra to get the game code.
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    @max19931 i don't need the game's code, i don't think you understood that part of my comment
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