I need more band tshirts.

It's a shame that I don't already have enough.

Share your favourite tshirts/piece of clothing.

Bonus if they are of a rock/metal band's tshirt.

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    I have t-shirts of Foo Fighters, AC/DC and Guns N' Roses and a Metallica backpack :)
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    @DEVil666 nice.

    I need to get AC/DC tshirt.
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    80% of my t shirts came free from hackathins, tech events and fests 😋
    i have recently started going out less, but i yearn for free stuff 🥲
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    I have an absolute shit ton of band shirts… way too many to use within a lifetime. One of the perks and boons of a previous career touring with bands…
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    OP asks for shirts

    But provides none of his own.

    OP is a tease.
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    This one. It’s a shame it doesn’t fit anymore though
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    We will go hang out and go to some metal shows
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    Wearing this right now.
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