Imperative programming: why do you have to make our lives so difficult?

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    What language is that, so I can NEVER use it?
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    @OfficerHalf Javasssssscript

    Edit: You knew that, didnt you?😒
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    If you ever do have to learn it (which you probably won't), learn it by itself, from scratch, or not at all.
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    @dotdeb 😘 maybe. console.log sorta gives it away.

    Seriously though, that code is so arcane, it could be another language. This is just fuel for my JS hate fire.
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    Yeah, JS isn't what it was in 2005! Actually a lot of the shit people usually hate about it got fixed with ES6 and ES2017. It's almost a whole new language.
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    * let i = 2;
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    That's because it's 'imperative' that they do...

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    You get used to that... But I don't like your spacing
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    That styling is bloody awful :c
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    Can I just point out how shitty the example is because they write the two functions so massively inconsistent? Named vars and block syntax with explicit return vs implicit returns and ternary.
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