Paypal Rant #2

Paypal might just be the only company with 98% of their employees being support staff because not a soul on this planet knows how to work with that fucking piece of shit of a company's service.

No really, if there was a shittiness-rating from 1-10 (10 = worst) you would have to store paypal's rating as a string or invent a new data type because no CPU could fucking work with such a big ass fucking number.

If I had to choose between Paypal and going back to manually trading physical goods/animals for stuff I would gladly choose the latter, because Paypal, go suck a bag of dicks you useless fucking shitpile of a "company".

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    This made my day 😂🤣
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    @Linux you ask why Paypal is a shitty company ?

    1.) Go to my first Paypal rant to see just a tiny fraction of what I think is wrong with their service.
    2.) You might not have been involved with them beyond just making a simple payment (And I mean via API actually, you can achieve that sometimes without fail).
    3.) DevRant's comment/post limit is at 800 chars or so, therefore I'd probably need 127 comments in addition to what I have already ranted about to fully be able to explain why I think Paypal is a waste of space.

    Seriously, I have worked with countless APIs in my life (including other payment service APIs) and this company is just off the charts in terms of incompetency.
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    That rant was glorious
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    Implementing PayPal payments into a site is about as flexible as a 10ft steel rod. God almighty.
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    Every time you use PayPal checkout on a site that isn't eBay it seems to store another copy of your address.
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    Quality rant. Have a ++
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    Username checks out
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