Just started reading The Mythical Man-Month, and already in the first two chapters I went "oh hey this [fatal flaw in planning] sounds familiar!"

Is this a good or a bad sign...?

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    good sign for the book, bad sign for the companies that made it sound familiar to you
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    are you finding it still very relevant? i thought about checking it out but it's very old, wanted to know if it's worth it
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    @darksideofyay it is still very relevant indeed. I mean there’s a lot of wordings, examples etc that obviously tell of a very different era but the core ideas and tenets still remain very relevant. The anniversary edition (from 1995, if my memory serves me) is especially great since it has some annotations and new material reflecting on the book itself.
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    @darksideofyay well I've only read the first two chapters so I can't really speak for the whole book, but I've been enjoying it.

    Many of the points it made felt a bit obvious to me, but seeing how these mistakes keep being repeated...

    You do notice it was written in '75 in one aspect though: IBM keeps being mentioned and all programmers are referred to as "he"
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    @LotsOfCaffeine because nobody is reading this book and learns from it.
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    @max19931 I shall read it and become an evangelist I guess
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