I hate web dev because I know enough to know how it "should" be done, know that it's not done that way, but also don't know enough to do it that way quickly.

Or why I spent the last 2 days scripting deployment of a website that costs 9$ a year to run, when I couldn't find a deployment script anywhere else.

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    tbh this is how i feel about anything. i spent a day and a half trying to find a way to use data from our new server, cause the authentication process is entirely different. we had to add a middle layer and figure out how to read data in xml instead of straight up data tables. we tried json first, but couldn't get it to work 🤡
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    Exactly this, there's lots of stuff a lot of us want to do occasionally, but don't really want to "understand", so finding a simple, easy to understand template that gets you started quickly, is super tempting.
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    This is why I'm out of web dev, other than for projects where I have full control. Deployment doesn't need to be made difficult - I mean, what do you gain? - and I'm actually horrified to hear that there are people forcing tabular data through XML unnecessarily.
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