I had applied a job , where the interviewer told me this "We don't think you are good fit for this company, you don't have proper education. We highly doubt that all the application in your portfolio are coded by you."

I was like :"WTF? I have been develop software for years . what do they mean by the application weren't developed by me? if that's so, how miraculously I have the source code of the application I presented?

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    Github fraud for portfolios are a thing, after all. A good interviewer should pick one of the projects that has some complexity and drill down.

    What does it do? How does it work? Why did you choose to do it the way you did? Which issues did you encounter, or avoid in the first place?
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    Sounds like they might already have made up their mind and just look for excuses.

    If they really questions your github portfolio there are better ways to test, as @fast-nop said, by asking questions about those projects or just some in depth questions.

    Accusing someone of using fake examples is a quite aggressive ways to say no.
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    @Voxera A common reason for that is nepotism: the chosen candidate is a relative of someone. If a candidate with better qualification comes along, they make up a pretext for rejection.

    Only that this would be a bad company anyway because it means working with morons, or rather having to do their work on top because they can't.
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    If they wanted to test you they would have done that in the first place. Would you like to work in a such shithole place where they belittle you even before joining? I dont think so.

    You dodged a bullet. Keep looking for a job, dont give up!!!
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    Honestly I would spit in his face. It takes guts to accuse somebody of plagiarism without any proof.

    I even wonder if it's legal.
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    Sounds like the kind of person a tad bit too sure of his or her opinions

    In the end, you most likely dodged a bullet
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    They already knew you didn’t have a degree assuming they weren’t too lazy or retarded to read your resume. If that’s the case why did they even bother interviewing you?
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    @TeachMeCode recruiter needs to meet a quota of candidates. Sometimes they will have only 1-2 decent candidates and will invite extra 3 ones that dont even have matching skillset just to fill the quota or/and make the 1-2 competent devs look better infront of others.
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