So my job have a hood monetary value, it's pre-IPO and I still need to complete a year for 25 percent of RSU offering.
The bad thing is work is vanilla and load is a lot. I have been slacking off and working just enough to let thing go by but now a days that's not even possible. My manager provides me bad feedbacks, alright it's only been 4 months here, I see no one I can take advice from. I just don't want to exist. It's so boring. So much effort for nothing. Seriously nothing. I have tried a lot last month, but that's not even taken as a good thing, as I'm new I'm supposed to be slow but that's being pointed out a lot of times. I haven't gone to office, I don't have coworkers to talk to. It's just not working out for me.

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    It looks like you landed on a job with unrealistic expectations, very little support, and none existent individual approach to onboard you and help you get up to speed. If I was you I would point this out on my next 1:1 with my manager.
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    What does it mean work is vanilla?

    Your manager sounds like a useless whining piece of shit that dropped the ball.
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    @PappyHans Yeah I'm going to do this today. I don't know what will happen but I need to voice it out now. Till now I didn't as my manager is someone who's not approachable but today I'm going to push myself to make things uncomfortable
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    @true-dev001 good luck and hope it works out
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    Good news my manager changed :)
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