It's pouring cats and dogs in Mumbai since a week. For the uninitiated, these are regular monsoon rains for the costal city.

And some motherfucker stole my umbrella from the office.

Thankfully when I left, rains had halted and I was able to commute home without getting wet.

Tomorrow when the fucker gets it back, I am gonna make them stand in rain for an hour.

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    The number of umbrellas I lost in that city. A large proportion of people’s umbrellas there belonged to me at one point.
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    In Malaysia, we don't use umbrellas , we swim in the flood to home. 🥲
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    @99thdev next time when you crib about your job or whatever, I am going to tell you the same, "stop whining and get a new one".
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    I'm gonna explain to you a difference between wet and wet.

    European rain, mild weather - you're wet. Your trousers might drip a bit, but all in all, it's not bad. Hang them up, let them dry, easy peasy.

    Cities like London have the foggy rain...
    The rain is a bit nastier, streets are muddy and the fog just gives this vibe that makes you feel blue. You come home and feel exhausted, still feeling blue.

    There are few more levels in between, but monsoon weather is... You're soaked at worst. You're walking while carrying your own weight in water.... While it's 30 degrees celsius plus. Most likely windy -/ stormy. Very... Very... Very... Exhausting.
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    Buy a cheap umbrella and make a glitter bomb. Set it in the communal storage place with somebody else's name on it, so it's clearly somebody else's property. Watch the fun as the arse whole enters public space with it!
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    @Floydimus shucks, bruh! Did you get my latest issue of "Nilhilists Unite!" To quote Aimee Mann, "What's more fun than other people's hell?"

    CHRIST! I thought you were talking to the OP. Now I see I was wrong. But I'm not deleting my comment since I think it's clever. Actually, my mom said so. No, she didn't because she's in Heaven. But if televangelists can claim Jesus talks to them, I'll do the same. Peace out.
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