everytime i buy a new phone ,i feel this sense of extreme regret :(

i bought a moto g 5g phone last year in feb, it was so good . it didn't had any out of the world cameras or some funky stuff, but it gave a decent performance and i couldn't want any other phone.

In October my mom's phone started giving issues so i bought a realme phone for her that was half my phone's price. i couldn't spent any mor e because otherwise she wouldn't take it. she accepted the cheaper phone and within 4 days sue was cursing it. the phone had decent specs but would lag in certain apps like zoom, and won't run some call recorder apps. at the end i swapped my phone with mom's since i didn't cared about zoom or the recorder.

now this shit realme phone's memory has gone around 60% full of my stuff, and its showing its limitations. this shit auto relaunches insta after a few minutes of usage, probably because its runtime memory gets short( 4gb 128gb device gets memory shortages. nice). its video quality is shit and camera also takes rarely good pics.

the worst thing i like about smartphones today is how they over optimise the ui. this insta issue and auto call recorders not working is simply because of the realme skin running over the stock android. i had similar issues with a xiaomi device i bought for my dad sometime ago. (fortunately my dad is more medieval so that crap has not came back to me :'/ )

so overall i am buying a 3rd phone in 17 months.
This time it's Samsung f23 and am worried that it's also going to suck. i was this 🤏close to buying a pixel 6 or even an iphone coz i can afford them.

but the regret of buying such an expensive phone that will need replacement in 2 years made me rethink.

the only android os that have suited me the best is stock and as of now only 2 companies are making it : google and moto(* it's 100% aosp with 3 extra apps but they can't say that, so they also state that they are not stock os) . one plus is also a brand that i have heard makes a good os . but recently i also heard that they have completely scrapped their os and using oppo's softwares . plus the amount of tickets we get for notifications not working in oneplus, am sure their optimization is extremely aggressive.

so everything between a moderate price phone ( that will need a replacement in 2 years ) to a flagship felt unnecessary to me, so i went ahead with a Samsung's shit phone. f23 has almost same specs as moto but it's again a heavily customised os. i wanna waste my money on trying a custom os and declare it shitty.

most of my friends that use Samsung are fan of it but they are also not very techy so i guess it suits them well. i am the guy who first installs nova launcher in his device, so let's see what it brings on the table. from the 3rd person p.o.v, i felt its screen and camera images to he nice whenever i used their mobiles, so let's see what this brings to the table :(

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    I only buy phones with good fw support. Then I can choose what I run on it so I don't have such silly issues.
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    OnePlus hang here, love it :p

    But perhaps try a custom OS of your own? Google Play store is gone, but perhaps that don't matter to you. Or perhaps (if possible, I don't know), root it and optimize the crap out of it?
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    OnePlus Nord N10 5G user here, after I smashed my Nexus 6P I picked up a Huawei Mate Lite (I don't remember which one, but jeez it was so crap - what you wrote about your experience mirrors mine, except I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Instagram, so it was never a source of problems). At least I found why the Huawei was crap ...turns out the manufacturers found how to bake in hard-coded whitelists into firmware for apps to be excluded from their insanely stupid draconian "app power use optimization"... that way it ensures all the crapily un-optimized sludge is always given priority over any much better optimized apps, which are killed ASAP like lemmings. Because, you know - it's so optimal and efficient to kill and cold-start apps over and over (especially those designed to be always running with background sync) rather than suspending them. Samsung was prolly one of the first to start it along with others like HTC who used that to cheat in benchmarks.
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    And it gets even better when that whitelist, hard-coded into the closed source, propietary firmware stays unchanged (because the support cycle only intended a single release with couple patches for 6-8 months but some weirdo bought the phone a year later after release and uses it for 3 years instead of the designed 1 year of planned obsolescence) but the applications get renamed or swapped around (see: Google killing off apps to replace one app with 3-5 apps of the same thing). Then, with all of the aforementioned, that gets paired with the native Android power management, which has been usually left untouched, so you end up with two power managers "optimizing" your device constantly, killing your battery much faster than how it would wothout any optimization at all
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    Got distracted and started ranting about how crap the crap phones are... what I wanted to say was that when I was looking for something to change my previous phone I knew I would never pick Samsung, any Google pixels, Huawei, Honor, Oppo, iphone, some "flagship" type phone or some random cheapass Chinese phone. And linux phones like pinephone or libre phone weren't ready back then... if I was looking to buy a new phone right now, I'd go for one of them.
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    I made the mistake of getting a moto G8 power lite. It's absolute crap not worth it at all the camera is balls and looks like im filming videos before cameras were invented. Battery life is decent but it's pretty laggy and it's stuck on Android 10. I'm actually going to a phone market today to scout out a new phone, leaning towards a used Pixel 5 because they are pretty cheap used.
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    @CruN i somewhat agree with the camera experience but disagree with the performance .
    my moto g 5g did not had the most fancy camera with all those live picture modes and other stuff. it had basic camera mode, a few video modes but overall took decent pictures.
    however performance wise stock android 11 + 750g processor + 5000 mah battery gave a great performance in almost anything i would do. you might wanna increase your budget if you wanna get better specs, as mobiles < $250 tend to tick only a few boxes out of performance, camera, display, battery and ui.

    and beware of refurbished/used phones. you may geta decent spec phone, but batteries of used devices are almost worn out. i once sold a good spec xiaomi device whose battery doesn't last even 40 minutes ;)
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    but hey, that's just me. fuck all the brands. different products suit different people (:

    i just cancelled my samsung device. it's not worth it. i will go with a moto device again once the amount is reimbursed 🥲
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    About too aggressive battery optimizations, there is this website that shows a ranking of the worse brands in that matter. https://dontkillmyapp.com/
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    @dotenvironment that's the thing, mine was brand new but it was the "lite" version, so it's only ever gonna have android 10 which sucks, and the camera is really bad even in broad daylight,let alone in the dark.
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