Tldr : In my country, there is always a middleman .It is so rare to work for end client directly and it is very common to be fuck over by them, because they want milk you out as much as possible

Job description : Salary range from X to Y

Me : I expect 90% of Y $
HR : if you pass technical examination we can agree on this amount.

*Technical interview*
All correct answers, perfect match with stack etc.

HR calling next day:
HR: Great job on interview, but you need to lower your financial expectation to X (around 50% of Y)
Me: Why? We have spoken the other day and you said there would be no problem with the money. I nailed the interview, I don't understand why I should agree to lower wage.
HR: I know I know, but right now we cannot give more. Maybe later
Me: I am sorry, but I feel kinda cheated. For me this is red flag since I don't know what I can expect later if you are not sincere from the beginning. I won't take your offer, goodbye.

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    Perfect reaction.
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    next thing you know they'll say 'just go with the flow' which in the long run turns into people getting fucked out of everything and illegal incarceration, assault, theft and insanity.

    fuck that kill them all !
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    This is exactly what every self-respecting dev should do in those situations.
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    Good response but sometimes the current financial situation might be really bad that i really need something to hold onto and can't help but accept it. At least temporarily, very painful...I've been there🤦🏾‍♂️
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    We can't give that amount now, maybe later.
    Me: Okay, no problem, then I start later.
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    Well I don't know about your country , but in my country Malaysia this is the common practice too. That's how I got underpaid.
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    Perfect reaction. There is no reason why they would cut your budget after a test they proposed
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    Name them and shame them.

    Share their LinkedIn url.
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