What kind of ad is this supposed to be? 😂

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    An ad to test if your mobile camera is focued :D
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    @fschaupp Just to name an example, STM32 (ARM cortex m3) is a pretty popular embedded chip, which can run a Java VM. Devboards cost about $5, but in bulk the CPU costs less than $0.10.

    And devs in India & China are often more proficient in Java than C/C++... So anything from toy robots to toasters could contain Java code.
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    NaN billion
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    @bittersweet never buying sex toys again ;_;
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    That shows how oracle fucked up javascript aka java...




    What u whispering?
    Js isnt java? It has nothing in common??? Well just say we are bosses and they will take it for granted
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    So, is this the new way Oracle let's you pay for their products? Will this be on every server now? For how long can you use this Oracle product, when you insert a 2€ coin?
    What if I use an enterprise feature of my sex toy, when I have only inserted enough coins for standard edition features?
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    They made the ad using javascript.
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    @fschaupp Explains why Java is fucked up.
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    @chipset nah, unlike typed languages, it would just print what you gave it.
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    I'd totally take a job programming sex toys.
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    Oracle accepts now pennies also ? :D
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