For the love of god, why in the world are coworkers so prone to overflow with pointless informations? I don’t care about which db you use when I am a frontend, just tell me the f*cking endpoint to use ffs! Nor I care about the FE framework when I’m working on the be and most of all I don’t care about the reason behind a formula you use to calculate a freaking param, give me the goddamn formula or its name 🙄

Please tell me I’m not the only one getting triggered by coworkers explaining useless things, cause lately it’s so annoying

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    My favourite is where they bombard you with useless information for what feels like hours then treat you like an idiot when you miss the one tiny nuget of useful info buried amid their verbal diarrhea: "what, you mean you asked me a question and didn't even listen when I ran you through 2000 lines of irrelevant code while telling you stuff you have no point of reference for?"
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    Some developers are also good teachers - but most aren't. If you want that information, you have to work for it. So better get good at steering a conversation - or just cheat by writing a concise email containing your well-formed and precise questions.
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    @PeterDCarter: “NOOOOO its not an invalid date, it’s an holiday!!!! Didn’t you get the difference from what I said???”

    “… which in calendar is displayed as…?”



    @Oktokolo unfortunately we’re in the glorious era of “can I call you for a minute?”
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