Why does the new Windows 10 S
Sound like IOS ???
Are they hinting something to us!!!!

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    @Torbuntu I want the netbooks to return...
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    for a $ 1000 laptop I expect more than 4gb ram and definitly the possability to use another Browser than just ms edge. How this should be for students or a chromebook competior is beyond me. But they are pretty.
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    10 S is like a rebrand of Windows RT.
    RT was shit because it only had apps, 10 S will be shit for the exact same reason.

    I also don't think the kind of user who likes this kind of OS would pay 1000 bucks for a laptop.
    The big advantage of the Surface devices was their tablet-like portability combined with a full-fledged desktop OS. Now they sell a less portable laptop with a mobile OS. I don't know how anyone at MS could think this was a great idea.
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    @deadlyRants probably the people who get paid mucho bucks by a billion dollar company? :p
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    @ScribeOfGoD nah, because they want have their enterprise software installed which surely wont be published on the ms appstore.
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    @deadlyRants difference being full windows 32 apps can run on it. I'm sceptical about this product as well as the laptop they released. 4GB of ram for $999 sounds ridiculous. Buy will wait to see how well it runs.
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    the EU will probably sue ms because of the pre istalled browser like they did before.
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