Can you get high priority issues on your PIP which is not related to Pip project but it was because of the feature you developed?

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    Meh. Just answer here now.

    Read your last rant and understood what happened.

    Just facefuck these hobgoblins with a mace.

    A PIP is really the wrong way to treat someone new, this rant proves me right. They're just arseholes playing games.
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    And a PiP shouldn't be allocated to a project either, but overall performance.

    If you ain't doing the work, they throw you out. If you are but it's not at the speed needed, they'll throw you out, (I'm currently seeing signs of this one on my own team), or if they really want you out, they'll just throw you out - this feels like the case here.
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    yeah, my manager gave me an impossible project and he ignored when I called this out. He's quite irresponsible and I expect those things from him, he changed the project but now I have decided to leave, just need to sail through this PIP
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    update: manager assigned it to someone else.
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