"Attention micromanagers
If you don't trust your employees to
work from home, you've hired the
wrong people, or your management
style needs updating. Either way,
you're the problem."

Seen on linkedin today

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    let me abbreviate this a bit, without reducing its truth:

    "attention micromanagers, you're the problem"
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    let me abbreviate more:

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    That chad is getting a warning from HR soon
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    Their answer is always, “It’s not about trust. We’re trying to build a culture and we can’t do that when people are working from home.”

    It never occurs to them that most devs don’t give a rip about “culture”. Write code, get check. Done.
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    Especially if they add a tracker that screenshots the desktop. Who tf has the time to check all of those screenshots. Wasted time ffs
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