Im deploying a Machine Learning Model to production. We dont have an automated deployment pipeline for the models, so we do it manually exposing the models through a rest api.

I asked for the model artifact to the DS, they didn't have permissions to download files from Databricks.

I asked their manager for the artifact. He told me that he has the permissions, then bullshitted me with something about the formal process, some shit about proper permissions handling, and that they do no have a standard process for sharing files right now so i should wait.

I was like "bro, share the artifact with me to unblock my work, then stablish your process, i dont care". He said no, and just after that he started a thread involving half of the middle management and data engineers asking for feedback on how to stablish a process for sharing databricks files. Just Wtf.

I got pissed, i reach out to his superior (good friend of mine), that was on vacation btw, and i told him the situation. He opened slack and humiliated him so bad, that i almost felt bad for the manager jajajajaja.

I grabbed my model artifact and got out of there instantly.

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