ive gotta say, i have a new found disdain for C. i guess most languages really.

if i wana do something dynamically, flexible, or just use simple syntax improvements without much hacky shit. it's just not possible.

wana use macro/defines? well those are gona shit all over everything and get janky and make the code half unreadable.

wana use pointers as functions? *gasp* that's not safe, you have to use old C, def not cpp.

youd like to easily specify + operator for 2 objects? wait theyre not exactly the same? uh uh.

basically anything considered 'unsafe' you can only do in C. anything new age easy (like 'new') you can only do in cpp or w/ classes.

just want assembly level freedom and efficiency, to mass oop ease .-. is that too much to ask?

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    Use lisp
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    Use JS. (?
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    I think Ada might actually solve some of your problems, but I’m a lil drunk so you’re probably better off with rust
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    I started to look into Rust recently and it seems like it is what you are looking for:
    Low level performance and zero cost, safe, high level abstractions.
    Freedom to opt in to unsafe.
    It’s not simple, though.
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    Heard of Perl?
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    Give a try to Golang ;)
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    Just use assembly bam no more problems
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    @iiii you sick fuck

    I like you
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    @iiii i actually used perl to mock up something i wanted. sad part is for a simple compare it was 10x slower than C
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