You people are like Microsoft windows

You only used it because there was no other choice and had to find reasons to like it's total inhuman inadequacy

That's what you people are
You're like windows 10
The "last version" of windows
Except the windows sprouted devil eyes and mouths and still beg me too stick things in them

Which I only do as a last resort as try working or doing anything when there's only one choice

An inhumane trashy inadequate crazy bland overly unworkable unfriendly uncheerful ungrateful system of presentation which appears nice enough on the outside but is a rotten pile of vomiting maggots choking on rancid shit on the inside

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    But hey
    Pretend to be happy or get stuck with windows Vista
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    What distribution do you use?

    I use Gentoo btw.
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    @Oktokolo for some reason that clashing with what I said in a cheerful offhand way still makes me smile even as I consider my messed up life lol
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