Is it just me or Jira has been getting so much worse over time, that I now don't even want to touch it?

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    First actions post stand up in the morning : closing Jira and Teams
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    @Tounai fuck teams with a rusty pitchfork.

    That piece of shit crashes my system EVERYTIME I need to use it.

    It's so bad I just hold the power button down at the end when a client forces me to use teams for meetings.
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    Ffs, use teams/zoom/webex/skype/slack/outlook/etc in a browser tab. Let the browser crash them before they [standalone] crash your pc.
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    @netikras thing is, microdicks installs teams every update.
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    @sariel what?? Teams is part of windows updates now???? I have stock windows in qemu - never noticed teams in it
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    @netikras I've got pro. I uninstalled it twice, and after some update it was back.

    Same for my wife's device as well.

    It reminds me of those times they installed edge and made it the default browser.

    Personally, I'm waiting to hear they're forcing updates to Windows 11 and I'll just block *.microsoft.com.
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    @sariel I also have pro. Not activated though. Will have a look first thing on Monday
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    So this rant is about teams now.
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    @hardCoding makes sense, teams is garbage 🤣
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