RETARD MASTER: So how did you feel about this sprint DEV?

*nothing is planned, new tickets added each day and old ones removed - inconsistent sprint*

DEV: Well, it’s a bit chaotic, but it’s understandable. I’m used to it. Nothing’s to blame here. Client can’t produce their end of the bargain on time.

*3 week later*

DEV MANAGER: So RETARD MASTER gave a feedback. He told me you insulted him.

DEV: Can I please die now? Not funny.

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    Probably it was the tone or something
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    Well... Yes. You indirectly implied that maybe, just maybe, he was not doing his part, as he should.

    Some people take that personally! You cannot ever say that they are not perfect, in every single thing they do. Including taking a shit, and being toxic.
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    Well, you called him "Retarded Master". He's just "Retarded."
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    @magicMirror well... Did he? 🤔
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    The Scrum Master job is to make sure things like @yehaaw "Sprint" (for lack of a better word) do not happen.

    So - he took it personally.
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    @magicMirror @iiii

    Everyone knew it was like that because of the client, not the scrum master or anyone else. I told that. Anyways, what triggers me that most is that he told the manager how offensive my comment was without any context and without talking it with me in the DMs beforehand. People and situations like this make me depressed. I’m once again having day dreams of living in the boat in the middle of the ocean with a big rope around my neck. Office people make me emotional unstable. I hope one day this will change.
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    Try to grow a thicker skin. Some people will try to put you down bc they think it gets them ahead.
    And the consider the following response to such an accusation:

    "Weird. He never talked to me about that. I think he might have made a mistake understaning my my comment. Sure, mistakes happen. But this is quite Toxic behavior, what do you think?"

    Otherwise Retard Master will continue putting you down.
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    Told my manager exactly that. Anyways, I’ve switched to another team. That project was extremely toxic.
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    @yehaaw how easy was it for you to switch to another team / project?
    i mean, telling your boss you don't want to work on this project anymore might as well create a bad impression on your boss, in the sense "he can't handle stress very well" or "he can't deal with people"...
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    I’ve switched due to promotion not the NPCs
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    @yehaaw NPCs?
    okay nice, switching by promotion is probably the best outcome ^^
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    NPC refers to non playable characters in video games.

    It’s how I cope.
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