So Saturday I was doing mildly athletic (basically just moving my body) and I started to have a headache inside my head. Every time my heart rate increased I could feel my headache getting stronger in my skull. I don't know if I have ever had a migraine before. Someone told me it could be a migraine. I took an aspirin in case there was a clot and some other pain reliever. Well, it still hurt this way on Sunday and in the morning on Monday. I setup doctor appointment for later this week. Now it acts like it might be going away. So it won't hurt when I go see the doctor maybe. The only reason I wanted to see the doctor was because it stayed for almost 3 days. If it doesn't stay maybe there is no issue?

I wonder if my walks I take during the day will trigger this. I have heard food dyes can cause issues. Someone at work brought in candy with dyes in it. But I have not made great effort to remove dyes from my diet. So I dunno. Can you get migraines later in life? It always seemed like either you had them or you didn't.

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    Yes, you can start or stop getting migraines at really any point. I used to have them almost weekly for years, and one day they just stopped.

    Kind of related: Aspartame used to give me headaches. Whenever I had any, like from yogurt or diet coke, I’d get a headache 10-15 minutes later. When I stopped eating it, the headaches stopped, too.

    (To be super clear, here: headaches and migraines are very different, and these stores are not related.)
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    @Root I have been getting aspartame out of my diet. I wonder if there is an addiction element to that crap.
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