Why the hell did it take youtube so freaking long to get a dark skin?
My eyes get killed without it @ 2am looking at a tutorial without a dark skin.

I have had a dark skin installed via userscript for over 5 years.

Now they need to implement some of the features youtube+ has...

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    getflux and all your problems are gone
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    You really should use mytube when you have win10
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    Google Stylish and thank me later
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    @CozyPlanes Which is going to be never. Or atleast not in my home.

    I need my terminal.

    Also everybody missed the point.
    I already have a dark version through a userscript.

    My rant was about it taking so damn long to finally make the option/feature. You'd think as themselves being programmers and having to look at the website it would've been done a long time ago.
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    @faisalhakim47 I know. I was ranting about the fact that *now* after all these years they finally added it.

    I mentioned that I had a userscript for it, for about 5 years.
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    @nicholai I'm aware of it's existence for a couple of years now.

    The rant was not about me not having the feature. Which I had for about 5 years through a userscript.

    It's the fact it took so damn long for them to finally add the feature.
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    Hey. Use youtube developer centre userscript.

    Best thing
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