I got a little jaded at work (the normal officer politics stuff), so I started doing less work, and reaching out to recruiters.

My boss noticed I was having a go, reached out and offered a raise and a new computer. I told him I'd have to research market value for the raise.

In the mean time I got an offer for 50% more than what I'm making now. I'm heading to him today with my research in writing. Either way I'm getting that raise!

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    Insist the new computer has Office Politics Filter 2022 installed
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    Definitely keep us posted!!
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    How did he notice u searching for jobs? If its linkedin, before announcing that u are looking for a job I would block all connected employees in my connections list.
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    I guess you are one of the pillars of the company
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    I had a similar experience. I got a 15% pay rise which I knew still kept me under market value even though its a good percentage. I've always been kept under market value despite having multiple pay rises like that over the last 4 years.

    After being told that, I got in touch with a company who I'd spoken to before and now joining them for 27% above the pay rise amount.

    I told my manager that if my company had just given me the 30% that my manager had requested instead of the 15%, I wouldn't have looked anywhere else.

    They were then scrambling to keep me and offered me 15% above that 27%, which is above the original 15% payrise and a promotion. I said no to that out of the principal that it was way above what they would pay someone in the same role. I just wanted a fair wage.

    Moral of the story: pay your staff fairly.
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy he didn't notice me searching, he noticed me being burned out
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    @Banele here's the update. The CEO told me to take the job. The COO and VP of engineering are scrambling to make a counter offer now. Nobody remembered that I built all of the cloud infrastructure using k8s (because it was a cool sounding term...) And nobody knows how to operate it but me.

    In the mean time I've accepted the other offer. They have to the 12th to get me a reasonable offer and an apology from the CEO.

    Startups... Lol.
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