Original spec of feature: 5 page document

Review of feature: 20 page document with surprise things never mentioned in original spec

"fullStackClown!?!?! how could you miss this?!?!"


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    So, how goes applying for new jobs? I think you should be from your rants
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    While as a dev we should try to identify missing things in specs its not our responsibility to extend a feature request, especially not without bouncing any finding of to the product owner (unless its purely technical implementation).
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    It seems that in your project you don't participate in solution design which leads to these situations. I don't know what role you have there, are you a developer? If so, it's your responsibility to communicate them what they're doing wrong and show them the right way. You may want to read clean codeR.
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    @voodoo14 I've done this dozens of times and nothing changes so I dont waste anymore energy there.
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    @voodoo14 that depends on if its technically wrong or just not everything they later realize.

    If the spec only defines desktop support but they then complain it foes not work on a phone for a blind person, that is not always a given thing to support, especially if its for a specific role.

    We can of cause ask if it should be designed for more platforms or for accessibility, but the risk is that the one you ask do not want yo commit to the extra work and brands you as hard to work with, believe me I have faced that situation.

    And if you later are proven right it can be even worse if the boss see you as a threat because you “think to much”.

    But in that case its a toxic environment and not really much you can do unless you can make friends higher up and actually become the threat they thought you to be
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