Anti malware Service Executable

Can the cunt who programmed this please witness the random carnage their piece of shit causes on my work desktop ?

Granted it’s windows but seriously…

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    Oh god, same! That piece of shit crushed my machine (which is slow on a good day) this morning for three full hours, CPU pegged at 100% and like 40% disk usage... everything else was moving like a quadriplegic in a marathon.

    Funny, my own personal machine runs like greased lightning despite not having specs much better than my work machine. Could it be all the bullshit they run in the background?! NAAAAAAH. It's not Windows itself is my point, not inherently at least.
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    Whenever my PC slows down I feel like I'm kinda being gaslit, cause I have a feeling that it's the fucking Anti malware service executable but I only know when I open the fucking task manager.
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    Our networking department fixed the "Get nothing done Wednesday morning" problem. What did they do, move the scan to 1:00am? Maybe the weekend? No, moved the scan to Friday morning. Not kidding.
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    You can have McAfee instead :)
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