MAUI shell is killing me.
Maybe it was a bad choice to choose MAUI at this point.
Shell functions Don't have docs,
Only one page on Microsoft docs,
And the functions Don't even do what the Microsoft docs says they do.
And they throw errors without any information or reason.

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    look for maui workshop. it's well documented and the shell has been there since xamarin.

    maybe seach for james montemagno. he explains stuff.
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    Never even heard of that
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    MAUI is the new flutter competitor, recently released by Microsoft.
    Its basically Xamarin which runs off of a single code base.
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    Also MAUI have their own discord server. As far as I understand, the peeps there are very helpful
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    The undeclared error thing is a C# specialty, and probably the worst of Microsoft's ad-hoc divergences from Java enacted solely to plausibly deny the IP claim.
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    @IPdotSetAF lmao wtf is flutter ? Lol
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    @lbfalvy Fu java couldn't decide on anything back in the day and ensured backdoors on your system ! Dotnet is awesome

    And java bit off c++ anyway
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    @AvatarOfKaine Yes but the C++ spec has an open license AFAIK, Java doesn't. I really like modern functional dotnet, I considered it an overall improvement even when it was just Java with a bunch of seemingly randomly generated patches to pretend it wasn't Java, but removing explicit throws declarations was a bad move.
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    @lbfalvy large companies usually have the least right to claims anyway
    They steal ideas and dreams and then fuck over the people who implement them even alot of the time
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    @lbfalvy besides dotnet was functional excepting their web crap and more importantly is the LANGUAGE c# which is superior so far as strongly typed c like languages go and it was more high level than c# but yeah clr bit off the java vm big time and didn't even support all os environments given it's closed source nature till like awhile ago but pretty far along in it's history

    I do think java kind of sucks
    Dotnet as a framework leaves alot to be desired and microstshit can't decide on what products to mature so they just kill them like Google
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    @lbfalvy explicit throws ???
    Of exceptions ?

    Throw new outofrangeexception("the value is too small asshole");

    Like that ?
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    @lbfalvy does java let you do runtime snapshots of stack traces to a point on your own ? Or garbage collection or reflection ? Or ad hoc assembly loading ?
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    @lbfalvy personally even though the other languages suck ass
    I also kind of like that c# is not dotnet
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    @AvatarOfKaine i know you can do that on exception throws. You can throw an exception and then capture the stack trace from it
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    @AvatarOfKaine yes, and a whole lot more. If you're asking those questions, I think you'd be surprised by learning what super handy tools, tricks and techniques jvm/java actually have
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    @netikras perhaps note the thing that annoyed me was it's weird single byte integer and lack of byte type before you consider my early expeinxes and the stickiness of every ide!

    Seriously wtf happened to rad ????
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    @AvatarOfKaine rad? as in radians?

    What do you mean java doesn't have a 'byte'? It's one of its primitive types.

    And java's integer is 4 bytes

    Are we talking about the same thing? Because it feels like we aren't.
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    @netikras rad as rapid application development

    You know that buZZWORD USED to describe an ide with a visual designer and an object framework that allowed you to quickly build forms and controls and wire them up

    No guesswork or hitting the browser refresh button a 1000 times lol
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    wasn't this about maui app shell? xD
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    @nebula they massacred my rant 🥲
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