Is someone else into photography and can recommend me some Opensource software for it. (fuck Adobe for Flash and not supporting Linux)

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    I do some hobby photography and always used Gimp as replacement for photoshop on linux.. Not sure what kind of software you looking for tho
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    @Strazil Oh man, having worked with Photoshop for something like a thousand hours I used Gimp recently and felt like cancer.

    Anyone who manages to be productive with Gimp has my respect and sympathy, but mostly sympathy.
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    @nickpapoutsis Haha, i can see where that is coming from! From photoshop to Gimp can be a pain in the a.. yes. But there are forums and places enough to get you going.. In the end, you can achieve the same with Gimp. It WILL take longer, But then again its free and open source so yea...
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    Oh my, I agree, whenever I have to use GIMP instead of Photoshop I feel like I'm using a shovel to dig out an underground garage... Props to the devs (Paint.NET as well) for making all of that and for free even, but when compared to Photoshop it's just ugh...
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    There's Darktable as well. The cool thing about GIMP is that you can edit the settings so that it's close to Photoshop. Who knows, maybe tricked out GIMP is worth your while
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    You could use Krita.
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    @daemonAD I thought so first but it's a lot more than what I initially thought also.
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    @jstodberg @daemonAD
    Krita is a full digital art studio, not vector graphics.
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    Not sure if that's possible but maybe you can run photoshop on wine.
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    @RiderExMachina yeah darktable is awesome
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    @daemonAD everything you are using in your work flow
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    Yeah lightroom and Photoshop are great tools but Linux (and I prefer Opensource)
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