!rant Stood outside talking to my next door neighbor (who I hadn’t met yet) for over an hour yesterday.

In the middle of the day.

In Texas.

Not in shade.

When I lack the ability to tan.

It’s been so long since I was stupid enough to be outside for that long that I forgot just how much sunburns suck.


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    I'm an albino and we used to go on day-long bike trips all the time while I was young, ironically to make sure we would grow up healthy. I have had more 2nd degree burns by the age of 14 than most cooks throughout their career.
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    @AmyShackles Looks like major fun!

    @lbfalvy Fuck. Srsly. Fuck.

    reminds me of the 'everything is blooming!' spring hikes my middle school took me. My hey fever alergies loved that!
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    @lbfalvy Ugh. I take it the supervisors of those trips were of the “anyone can tan, you just need to expose yourself to more sun” belief?
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    @magicMirror Honestly, the ones with school I didn't mind, two days of misery is a small price to pay for the heaps of fun I had with my friends on school trips, even the shitty ones. Especially the shitty ones. What I really hated were family trips. I never really got along with my close family better than with chosen 5 friends from any given group of 30.
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    @AmyShackles I have no idea what the people around me thought at the time, I kept telling everyone I would burn, and I kept burning. Eventually it became a sort of natural order, about a third the days of summer I had a bad sunburn, but it always went away in a few days and to this day the only long term effect was a loss of skin elasticity which I don't really care about.
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    Maybe at some point I'll get skin cancer. I can think of two other significant cancer risks in my life but I can't find it in myself to care. Health is a resource and overall I'm not too poor in it so I take precautions up to a reasonable effort and enjoy the time I got.
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    @lbfalvy When I was a kid I would get my first burn of summer. Then I don't remember any after that the rest of summer. I used to be outside a lot. Not albino so I cannot imagine what that was like.

    I also got a burn the other day when I spent 4 hours on and off outside. I was like doh. But weeks before I had done the same thing and no burn. All I can figure is uv index or something.
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    Yup American sun
    Nothing to scoff at
    Not like Paris
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    @lbfalvy lol you never cease to amaze
    First homosexual now albino! Lol
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    Looks like first degree or less. It increases the long-term risk of skin cancer slightly. But should fully heal in a few days without or with treatment.
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    @Oktokolo Yeah, it’s not the worst I’ve had. Didn’t even blister. But it’s annoying to feel like your arms are on fire ALL DAY. Like, come on, man, give it up already, I got your point.
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    You know those huge girl wine glasses that make anyone holding one look like a complete alcoholic ?

    I want one of those right now lol
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    Let's trade: severe reaction to insect bites against your sunburn?

    Just joking.

    Hope you'll get better soon and it heals off nicely.
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    @IntrusionCM Can I trade a debilitating case of executive dysfunction?

    ...when I get around to it
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    @lbfalvy you know i'm getting sick of these people misinterpreting shit to disastrous results.

    i liked the way the woman looked and had had sport with her a few times to euphemize, it fucking pisses me off they did this stupid grey shit and starved her because i said she looked good !
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    Update: I finally started peeling a few days ago. Still freaking peeling.

    Last night I turned to my husband and was like “Guess this means I can’t commit crimes for a while.”
    “I SAID ‘I guess this means I can’t commit crimes for a while’!”
    “No, I HEARD you, what the fuck do you mean?”
    “… I mean I’d leave DNA evidence EVERYWHERE.”

    He was unamused. 😂
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    @AmyShackles as you're shedding your skin like a snake, maybe try dirty talk in snake tongue?
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    @IntrusionCM I mean, I *was* born in the year of the snake, but I don’t really know any snake tongue 😂
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