I swear to god "old school" C++ devs are menace to humanity

Why yes let's make this one line long function, that could even be constexpr, and make it a macro.
Why the fuck not, let's make compiler errors worse by foregoing any type checking. Let's throw away namespacing as well, great.

Fuck you.
I shouldn't have to dig through 4 levels of nested macros just cause "muh performance" and "we've always done it like that".
Shit yourself.

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    You need to accept that the compiler and optimizer are smarter than you are.

    Let them optimize it. Constexpr even implies inline, yon can leave out the inline keyword too
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    The inline keyword also has very little to do with code inlining, most people using it in the name of performance don't understand it anyway. It's about declarations in multiple compilation units being OK
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    I am waiting to the official release of Carbon.

    It should be the typescript version of C++ :D
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    @Grumm found the JS dev!
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    @atheist preach it
    I'm very much in the camp of "if its worth to inline, the compiler/optimizer will do it for me"
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    @atheist declarations in multiple compilation units being OK, isn't that more like static?
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    @d4ng3r0u5 static is about only being linkable within a single compilation unit, so it's kinda similar (you can have the same static thing declared in multiple compilation units and the compiler won't complain). I'm sure there are subtler differences, I'm doing this from memory.
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    @sariel haha, not really a JS dev here.

    90% of my job is in C#
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