My tiny little package is apparently being used by eBay πŸ˜‚ Poor them


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    Congrats. Your library looks really good, might come in handy some day.
    The code is also very clean, I like it.
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    Cleanest JS code I have seen in a while, this is good my man, really good.

    Also, when I saw your profile pic I said "homie looks like a Viking", ~from Sweeden. Me: "YUP viking confirmed"

    Also: Thank you for building JS projects without a trillion dependencies, linters are fine in my book which are the only devdependencies you had.
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    Now we all know why eBay is bad
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    @Marl3x @AleCx04 Thanks :) Genuinely wasn't fishing for confirmation, but made me happy ☺️

    And yes, I'm the vikingest viking here
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    @ScriptCoded I have two cousins that were generated through the unholy union of a woman with parents come from Norway and my uncle's mexican ass.

    I call them fuckers Mexican vikings
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    @AleCx04 lmmfao !!!!!!!!
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    Now I wonder why eBay needs SQL highlighting πŸ˜„
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    That's actually a cool little achievement to list on your profile. Congratulations!

    Package might seem basic at first glance but it's genuinely useful!
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    @Lensflare that's why I asked what it does lol
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    I am not sure if this bragging, or wishing your genetics had been better.
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    just letting everyone know: ebay does have a small yet interesting history of using node for a variety of things, for example, they have a frontend framework named Marko, which is a node program all on itself. Pretty good really, similar in nature to Svelte, but not quite. Still something interesting to look int.
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