Yes yes yes
Let's spend countless hours writing painful spaghetti that generates a financial report, extend that spaghetti for specs, then not bother to check the amounts or status. or where it says the money went. Nope, checking non-unique names is totally good enough. We're so good at this. Ten points to the legendaries.

Let's also make the object factories not create the objects correctly, and make sure that report includes entries for orders that don't include any actual payments. Oh, their status? "Ready to send" of course! Let's send that totally valid $0.00 to nobody!

Oh, but Root. Root, root, root. You can't ADD payments to this. no no no. if you do, it'll break specs everywhere else that uses that factory! Shame on you for suggesting it.

Pssh, now you want to make a payment just for this report? Why would you do that? Our best devs have been working on this for years! What could you possibly know that they don't? No, they're perfect. Don't touch them. Just make them better, okay? No take, only throw!

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    No take! Only throw!

    I feel this as well.
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    Even puked out alphabet soup is probably more readable and consistent than that mess ...
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    are.....are you....looking into my codebases??? STAY AWAY ROOT!! this is the land of the elder gods
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    So anyway how are your applications going?
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    @Tonnoman Slower than I’d like, but that’s normal.

    Tweaking resume wording and writing a new cover letter for almost every one. It’s slow.

    I looked through 120-160 job postings Friday night, and saved about 35 of those. Slowly working through them.
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