Boss: We are using Angular 1 in our project, right?
Me: AngularJS, yeah, we are using it.
Boss: I heard they have AngularJS 4 now and it's faster and better.
Me: Angular, yeah that's much better.
Boss: So shouldn't we upgrade it? Can you do it this week?
Me: Erm... It's gonna take more than a week.
Boss: How much time do you need?
Me: 6 months, at least.
Boss: What if I put one more guy with you on this? How much time will it take then?
Me: Let me rephrase. It's gonna take 6 months for the entire team to upgrade all the modules in our product to Angular 4. Not including the time to train everyone on Angular and TypeScript.
Boss: Oh, Angular 1 is suddenly seemed to me a better option now.
Me: Smart move πŸ˜‰

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    carefull. you get yourself into the 300 monkeys problem.
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    Angular 4 is out?
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    @purpletoxicrain It's Angular 2. Now they use semantic versioning.
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    For the mortal rest of us:
    -First there was AngularJS.
    -Then came a completely new framework from the same guys. They called it Angular 2.
    -That thing now had two major version jumps in the last few months.
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    @Cyanite @Huuugo They skipped Angular 3 πŸ˜‚
    Angular 4 is called 'Angular'. They even removed the numbering.
    The first version is 'AngularJS'.
    So it's just AngularJS​ and Angular now. Not confusing at all.
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    You could try ngUpgrade to get AngularJS running in an Angular app. Its supposed to be used to gradually upgrade existing AngularJS architecture to Angular.
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    @pain0486 *doubting about fiability of such a tool*
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    @QCat it took a while of searching through my google history, but I found the article I had come across. Its based off early angular 2 but I don't see why it wouldnt still apply. http://blog.rangle.io/upgrade-your-...
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    We're just starting to use ngUpgrade in our project now. Seems to work like a charm, though you have to be mindful of your boundaries between AngularJS and Angular.
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    @purpletoxicrain angular 7 is about to release
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