- Hey I have to add new field, but this class is autogenerated, I do not know what tool generates it"
- Your fingers
- But this class has over 20k lines of codes and the header says it is autogenerated.
- It is a inside joke, it was generated by hand

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    a 20kLOC file is an inside joke. Not the #autogenerated comment...
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    The whole project is an inside joke :)
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    The people who did this are a joke each. And they are a larger joke together.
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    That sounds awfully lot like a whole bucketload of anti patterns dumped into the project.
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    You can't say it's an antipattern without seeing the code/case.
    I've big table was an antipattern but has valid use cases so now that is a thing. If this class constitutes as done sort of pipeline composition for example don't mind how big it is as long as it's concise and clear.
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    @hjk101 I’ve seen a few classes with a some thousands of lines. Never has one of them had a proper use case. I’d love to hear the story of one that did
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