As we currently see a lot of codeless software platform, in the next 10 years there is gonna be high demand for people to extend these shitty apps into something proper, just like it happened with wordpress. There is a key missunderstanding that writing code and developing an application are the same thing; they are not.
Once you can write code you sure ass aren't a developer, thats a grueling journey until then, and being able to create an application without code exaggerates the problem even further.

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    Sometimes I worry that developer roles will die out due to automation and machine learning, but then I see rants like this and take comfort in the fact that no machine learning algorithm or AI will ever be able to outwit stupid, and someone will have to be around to still guide the machine.
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    I just did a quick look and "software developer" for every definition I can find includes programming as one of the duties. Most definitions seem to define "software developer" as having a wider scope and responsibility over the software. As in responsible for the entire application. It seems to assume that the developer can in fact program.
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