The next big trend will be in the area of project management:
The Waterfall™
Agile has been abused to the point where The Waterfall™ is way more agile! Think about it: It's straight down. No loops, no unnecessary hourly, daily, weekly meetings. No micromanaging. Just one flow. It starts at the top and it's all downhill from there.
Pure efficiency!

Edit: Wake up developers! The management doesn't want you to know this simple efficiency trick!

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    my professors would love you
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    I'm so tired of scrum i kinda agree, even though waterfall is also shit
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    @darksideofyay true... and managers will always find a reason to schedule unnecessary and long meetings.
    I think we need more devs who say no to such meetings.
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    @PonySlaystation I'm all in favor of a modified waterfall, with prototypes and good failsafes. sadly meetings are a must to get coherent info from the client/boss, can't really get rid of them.
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    Waterfall allows multiple iterations. It is agile the source of the waterfall were projects that run the waterfall multiple times.
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    IGDWIGD is the next Agile. Stands for “It’ll Get Done When It Gets Done”.

    The corollary would be IGDWYPM: “It’ll Get Done When You Pay Me!”
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    Never have I seen anything worse than Microsoft Word. What the hell is this demon? Everything I try to do is thwarted by weird extra line breaks I can't get rid of, bullet points that won't stay the same size or in the same vertical alignment, and tables that just won't delete. How is it that we are still allowing this garbage software to be a standard?
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    @stackodev Yeah, it's kind of an abomination, but that's often the case with WYSIWYG Editors. What helped me the most with MS Word was turning on the paragraph markings (don't remember the exact name of the button), the mirrored P button, and generally use the predefined paragraph formats and only modify them. Modifying only the format templates saved me a LOAD of time.
    Nowadays I look at Word from a programmer's perspective:
    Use format templates to make your document "cofigurable" otherwise you'd be doing all by hand, which is a fucking pain...
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    It's all downhill from there 😂
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