You work in a phone shop.

How would you, as a developer, in your own words describe the "like" function from Facebook to elderly people who ask you what it means - and don't know shit about computers?

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    welcome to devrant! I will tell them to ask the grandchild. "I'm much too old to understand it , better ask a grandchild. one that is not here".
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    It's a way of showing approval of what someone posted...
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    why the fuck should i work in a phone shop and explain facebook-crap as a dev? i don't get it.
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    @velvettear put yourself in my position. I work in a phone shop...

    Was wondering what other people would say...
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    Would say that clicking on that button express to other people on Facebook that you liked the thing it's (the like button) attached to (and say that it can be a picture, a post, a video,...)
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