Is anyone migrating to Blazor now that you can use C# for the frontend (instead of JavaScript)?

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    I mentioned this to my CTO 4 years ago.

    He laughed me out of the boardroom.

    No. Jumping from JS to C# is like sticking a fork into a light socket vs a wall plug.

    Stick with the evil you know.
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    @sariel We open the 480 panel and throw pennies at the terminals.
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    I wish.
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    I'm responsible for one smaller elmish project that's built in blazor. It has its advantages, but it's still way too early to justify for larger, long term projects.

    The overall bundle size is and memory allocation needed to perform rudimentary html update/render tasks is in the order of 100x compared to vanilla js, though actual performance and cpu usage is on par.

    Debugging it is a nightmare since it's hit and miss if you can attach to the wasm process and if it manages to map the compiled app. On several occasions we have had bugs after compilation due to flakey optimization; skipping an array copy, reusing a reference that we explicitly clear, that sort of thing. Hot reload breaks easily and we sometimes just live without it for periods of time.

    I'm clamoring for an alternative to JS for webapps as much as anyone else, but blazor and wasm in general just isn't there yet. I hope it will be one day.
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    @ltlian I already lost hope in a replacement, the ecosystem is too entrenched in JS.
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    I had to make a small page to display company’s sales for x products in Blazor with Azure Functions. That shit was a nightmare. Guess we’ll stick with the devil we know.
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    Microsoft’s UI strategy is a mess. I’m not trusting anything to stick around.

    I believe they use React for most of their web stuff. And Electron for VSCode, etc.

    I’m not going to believe in Blazor until they do.
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